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Since one of my favorite game series is back and with a new game or games in the near future, I thought I’d draw to the occasion. This is just a fanart drawing of Mario, and not the actual pose that mario does. Hope you enjoy! There might be more, who knows lol

Finished Art work here:

As new characters are revealed, many more possibilities for new characters! I hope to see at least one of my favorite characters in the game: Midna! 😛


A little story I made. If everyone wants more, I’ll write chp2. I hope you all enjoy!

[ Kaedama Tanikara is always the invisible guy in school. No matter what, nobody notices him. Even when he talks to girls, he gets rejected before he can say anything. He has horrible luck with girls. One day, in gym class, a girl comes up to him. He assumes nothing of it, but when she asks him the question he’s never been asked before, his heart sinks. ]

I go to school everyday, and wonder what’s the point of even doing it. Nobody talks to me. Nobody makes any sort of effort to get my attention. I sit in my seat of my english classroom, by a window, always looking out there because, honestly, that’s more interesting than anything I’m listening to right now.

“Kaedama Tanikara! Are you even following along?” the teacher always draws attention to me because he knows I find this class so boring all the time. “Yeah, yeah.” “Then read where I left off..” I stumble in my mind. Now everyone’s eyes are on me. What do I do? I don’t have a clue where we’re at in our English book or whatever. I freeze up. I’m noticing people’s faces. They’re looking at mine, not because I’m interesting, but because I’m about to make a fool out of myself! What do I do?

“Mr. Yasin, sir?” The attention is now brought to a young girl on the other side of the classroom, literally. “If you don’t mind, I know where we’re at, I can read.” she says. “sigh.. Alright, you go on ahead. Pay more attention Mr. Tanikara.” Whew, my heart slows down it’s rate of pumps, I don’t feel awkward anymore, because that was the only time I ever had eyes on me.

“Hey, wait up.” What am I doing? I’m not too sure, but I really feel that this girl, who saved my butt earlier; I need to thank her. “Hey, thanks for saving me back there. I really appreciate it.” “…uh, okay. Wh-who are you?” Now this is all appropriate, because no one knows who I am anyways; however, she could at least be a bit nicer. “I’m Kaedama Tanikara. You saved me from… well, from embarrassing myself out there.” She stared at me, like I had something in my teeth or a really noticeable pimple. It wasn’t the stare that told me, “I’m going to receive a nice response from her”, but rather a, “Why are you talking to her” response, and I regretted talking to her.

Ultimately, the whole conversation ended up awkward and it left me feeling stupid. I mean, I’ve always had the worst luck with girls, and to make it worse, I always think that next will be different, so I still act nice to them. After English was Gym. I was still feeling the stun from the flat-out rejection from that one girl. It wasn’t a rejection that I trained so hard not to get. It was just a “Here’s your daily rejection” like I was used to the daily bad luck.

During Gym, I played softball with my team outside on the field, and it was fun. But, as you now know, the bad luck with girls continued. I congratulated a girl on my team, and she ignored it. I offered my hand to a girl of the opposing team who just tripped and fell, and someone else stepped in and helped her up. My bad luck just wouldn’t go away.

The game ended with the opposing team the victors. We went inside the gymnasium to sit down on the bleachers and rest up. It was a very fast-paced game. My mind was blank, but at the same time, was filled with all the rejections that have passed me at school today. I sighed, and figured that I would never be able to talk to a girl without making a fool out of myself again. That is what I thought, at least.

“Hey, hey you!” I heard some girl’s voice, but immediately assumed it obviously wasn’t for me, but for some other more important guy or girl friend that she was talking to. “Hey, hey!” There it went again, this time, I took a peak. I turned my head, and fair enough, she was looking so much at me, like as if my soul was in view. “Y-yes?” I replied, already sounding awkward. I knew this would be just a typical conversation that wouldn’t matter in the next couple days and nothing would change after this. She stared at me, and she looked like she was struggling to say something.. she suddenly smiled and asked, “Can I touch your moustache?”



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Two days ago, I sketched up a drawing of Link and Midna being reunited after so long ago when Midna originally left in the game. The picture speaks for itself, emotionally. However, I took up the challenge to recreate this in a digitally colored version with Paint tool sai. Enjoy!

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“These are my top ten fan arts of Midna that are my favorites!”
That’s what I said 5 years ago. Since then, many MANY new Midna Fan Art pictures have been created and my list has changed! This is my new list for 2014! Hope you enjoy the video. I put a lot of work into it.

Here’s my old video[2008]

A picture I drew. It took me basically three days to do.


I really wish I could go back to them too. First, I had a dream that we were in a room. By we I mean, my brother, my mother, WWE superstars CM Punk and AJ Lee… it was so weird. CM Punk was pretending to be a clown (or acting very hilarious), and he did something on his or mine, don’t know, laptop that moved us into the future. All I remember was us laughing at Punk’s hilarious acting.

The next dream was about myself and my other brother (I think?)… anyways, no one else really knew how to do this, but in this dream, you can manipulate your house to change the shape or form of it. It’s really weird. So… I figured it out, and made my home change shape. My brother was shocked but kinda mad. Then out of the blue, Lisa from The Simpsons, comes up to me and talks to me. I forgot if she was mad or what, but she just tries to figure out how I did what I did. Then…. out of the strangeness of this crazy dream, I then start to make connections that this “Lisa” gave the same presence as someone I knew or liked, so I… well, I embrace her. She didn’t get too mad. I don’t know… lol

My last dream was about instagram… a new kind, one that you can message people. Kinda like Facebook. Anyways, I noticed this girl who recently followed me and made an account herself, started being all that. What I mean is throw curse words up in the air, spew out all this nonsense. I knew this girl in high school, and she was not even like that. Now this is where it gets even weirder. On my instagram, it is also connected to youtube, so videos I have made on YT are on my Instagram. Wow. Anyways, I saw she commented on my Tekken Dragon Uppercut tutorial, saying that it was cool and awesome and whatsoever. No bad word, however. I confronted her in a private message about her attitude and why she says these things. She tried to ignore by asking if I wanted to play her in Tekken! I kept retaining my original topic by asking her why she does what she does, and she just kept changing topics lol



Such weird

much dream

many questions


A new rom modification I made from SMB that features new levels and other elements. It’ll be here in 2014. Be on the lookout! 😀

Back with another Tekken How to, I provide tips on how to execute Paul’s 10-hit combos! 😀 I think they’re the easiest in the franchise! Lol

In this video of many others to come, I explain how to perform the technique called, “Dragon uppercut” a move only 4 or so have or can do. I also show a tactic that needs to be done in order to perform it. A tactic I myself have given the name of, “Crouchsliding.”


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