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Since one of my favorite game series is back and with a new game or games in the near future, I thought I’d draw to the occasion. This is just a fanart drawing of Mario, and not the actual pose that mario does. Hope you enjoy! There might be more, who knows lol

Finished Art work here:

As new characters are revealed, many more possibilities for new characters! I hope to see at least one of my favorite characters in the game: Midna! 😛


Two days ago, I sketched up a drawing of Link and Midna being reunited after so long ago when Midna originally left in the game. The picture speaks for itself, emotionally. However, I took up the challenge to recreate this in a digitally colored version with Paint tool sai. Enjoy!

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“These are my top ten fan arts of Midna that are my favorites!”
That’s what I said 5 years ago. Since then, many MANY new Midna Fan Art pictures have been created and my list has changed! This is my new list for 2014! Hope you enjoy the video. I put a lot of work into it.

Here’s my old video[2008]

A picture I drew. It took me basically three days to do.


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Male OC! Daeno

Posted: 12/20/2013 in Art, DeviantART, OC

Here’s the Male protagonist of the story I’m writing! Daeno! Pronounced “Dah-En-no!”

OC: Claise

Posted: 12/20/2013 in Art, DeviantART, OC

Hey everyone! How’s your December season? 🙂

Here’s yet another OC I’ve drawn for my story. Her name is Claise. She’s like a tomboy and is fiesty. She likes to take challenges and is more like a daredevil. She’s the opposite of Linai lol. Hope you like her!

OC: Esialc Novetora

Posted: 12/20/2013 in Art, DeviantART, OC

Another OC for my story. She’s a 13 yr girl who had a rough life growing up. She’s an orphan-trained kunoichi who is also shy to many. Hope you like her!

This is Linai. She’s a 14 yr old girl who fled from her previous village after it was ambushed. She’s a shy but pure-hearted personality. She helps when needs be and enjoys it. Hope you like her!