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I really wish I could go back to them too. First, I had a dream that we were in a room. By we I mean, my brother, my mother, WWE superstars CM Punk and AJ Lee… it was so weird. CM Punk was pretending to be a clown (or acting very hilarious), and he did something on his or mine, don’t know, laptop that moved us into the future. All I remember was us laughing at Punk’s hilarious acting.

The next dream was about myself and my other brother (I think?)… anyways, no one else really knew how to do this, but in this dream, you can manipulate your house to change the shape or form of it. It’s really weird. So… I figured it out, and made my home change shape. My brother was shocked but kinda mad. Then out of the blue, Lisa from The Simpsons, comes up to me and talks to me. I forgot if she was mad or what, but she just tries to figure out how I did what I did. Then…. out of the strangeness of this crazy dream, I then start to make connections that this “Lisa” gave the same presence as someone I knew or liked, so I… well, I embrace her. She didn’t get too mad. I don’t know… lol

My last dream was about instagram… a new kind, one that you can message people. Kinda like Facebook. Anyways, I noticed this girl who recently followed me and made an account herself, started being all that. What I mean is throw curse words up in the air, spew out all this nonsense. I knew this girl in high school, and she was not even like that. Now this is where it gets even weirder. On my instagram, it is also connected to youtube, so videos I have made on YT are on my Instagram. Wow. Anyways, I saw she commented on my Tekken Dragon Uppercut tutorial, saying that it was cool and awesome and whatsoever. No bad word, however. I confronted her in a private message about her attitude and why she says these things. She tried to ignore by asking if I wanted to play her in Tekken! I kept retaining my original topic by asking her why she does what she does, and she just kept changing topics lol



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